Have you ever tried doing High School stuff when you are in fact in college already? Well, count me in ‘coz I am still quite not over yet with old school thingy. I am very much fond of doing unusual stuff (legal stuff) which I would consider as my “firsts”. I guess not all people know their actually that’s why I really would like to treasure them. These things unluckily are sometimes purchased in stalls, malls, shops etc. that why in order to be recalled assigned from looking at the actual things is the receipts upon purchased, right? Hence, as time pass by, I had been collecting them with some notes at the back of each so that I could still visualize the actual scene that had happened during the day of buying.

I collect receipts, tickets, unused tissue papers, etc. I had with me still some receipts when I bought a jewelry in a mall for my mother’s birthday. But, (take note) it’s a gift purchased using my savings and allowance. It was a first gift I gave to my mother using my own money. Also, I had still with me my first Cinema ticket, the first time to watch in a movie house. Aside from that, I also kept the ticket of my first trip outside Naga. I was so nervous that time ‘coz i was anxious that i might get lost any minute. There are other receipts i had when i bought something with my crush. He was helping me out that time in buying a book, and art materials. I still have with me the receipt i had during my first “date”. Even unused tissue papers are made notepad/scrapbook which reminds of of my first “lunch date” with my crush and bestfriend.

These are my collection. here are some of my receipts.






Nobody is perfect indeed. Yet despite that fact, i really could feel perfection especially to the one aspect of me which i never thought i could have up until now. i expected a lot of things  to happen but i guess this is not the right time for them. maybe i just wished a lot more, that i ended miserable.

pain. It’s what i feel right now. I have loved a lot of people. yes, A LOT. my family, my friends and some other people which i could not mention one by one could testify to that. Although, I have this one kind of love that i wish to have. this is a love which allows me to feel complete. Something that i can only feel if it’s given or expressed by a guy who respects me and treats me like the fairest Queen of the world. I loved several times. But this journal is the latest, just minutes ago. sad, yes. but, being apart with this special someone is the right thing to do for both of us. there are still a lot of issues which he needs to settle first. unfortunately, even he couldn’t resolve this problem, we ended up confined and locked in a difficult situation of sacrificing what we have to make everyone around us happy.

I thought this was it. Now that i am ready for these kinds of things, what i want will not be possible in the end. I  know it hurts, but  i wich i could make this pain go away easily.


Classical music has been part of my system since elementary grade and up to now it is still my favorite genre. Whenever I hear  an orchestra playing Chopin, Mozart, Paganini, Beethoven, and such, it’s nostalgic and full of various emotions making me forget a lot of unnecessary things or worries. It is my stress reliever and my inspiration. I feel in love, horrified, bubbly, sad, enlightened, joyful, victorious, loved and what have you.

The latest classical music i am very much into is the August Rhapsody from the movie “August Rush”. It’s so awesome that the listener could identify a lot of emotions and imagery as every notes dances in every meter of the music. It is overflowing as if it is calling out anyone’s name and invites its hearer to listen while the musicians plucks the strings, presses the keys of the piano, blows and covers the holes of the flute or trumpet, and strums the strings of the harp. At the first seconds you’ll hear the nature ( environment itself) ‘coz music is actually everywhere. Then, as the rhythm changes and gets louder and faster, its signifying  journey. As the music gets softer, the journey ends with a satisfying conclusion. A very good one.

Bluish White


Photo taken from

Fierced one.

Biggest one.

Your indeed the brightest one,

Up there


Out there,

Could be anywhere.

Drowning me on your

endless universe.

Yet why does your

extreme calmness,

drives me towards

your serious stillness?


this feeling of

excitement and mystery

pulls me like

an immense gravity


to be as close to you

like never before.

Being  as vast as seas, and

as terrifying as the blues,

waves violently tosses

in my head, crushing every peeble

I have at shore.

Why can’t I just

swim away from your azure


And ignore

your once superiority

over mine.

Why are you my star?

New Life

good to have experienced planting you on an unstained soil of Mt. Isarog. I shall wait until you grow as tall as buildings in the city. Remember the hands who has given you a new life and a place to dwell, where you can give off oxygen to give life to others as well.Mt. Isarog National Park

Napadaan at Napatingin

Mga daho’y nagsisilagas
sa isang punong Acacia.
Lumuluha ng
dilaw at luntian
unti-unting dumadaloy
sa magasping na pisngi.

Marahang iwinawasiwas
mga sangang nangangawit
at pagod habang
pilit itinutuwid ang
baluktot na katawan na
nilipasan na ng panahon.

Kasabay nito,
paglapit ng isang batang
malayang tumutulay sa mga ugat
animo’y tsoklateng natunaw
sa lupa habang
binibilad ng tirik
na araw isang hapon.

Ito’y umakyat
sa malalapad nitong sanga,
manghang nakita
mistulang ginintuang rosas at dalandan
sa kalangitan
mayat maya’y sa abo na lamang
ang kahihinatnan.


I found myself walking…

           walking, and running, and then walking again , and panting.

I didn’t know what I was doing, or where am I going any way??

I was trapped, yes… TRAPPED or maybe lost on a forest or jungle with various beast on the loose, only that I couldn’t find one but empty rooms along the corridors all having various scent of suffocating drugs that I could not recognize.

If Dora was there, i would have figure my way out!!! luckily, there were road signs hanging in each corner which says, ” EMERGENCY ROOM”, “X-RAY LABORATORY”, OPERATING ROOM”, AND ALL SORTS OF STUFF. I’m certainly lost…

on a DARK,


 corridor with

irritating and unbearable noise of  TOTAL SILENCE.

There I was…


my very little courage.

It was passed twelve early morning when a nurse came in to tell us that my mother needs a room transfer. I was there alone to look after my sick mother who was suspected suffering from a dengue and pneumonia. He instructed me to come by the Admitting room to check for room vacancies.


It was an office on the main building. Ground Floor. I was on the third floor, but Annex Building. I am not very much familiar with Mother Seton Hospital.

I need Dora or perhaps MAP.

But… I went on.

Still no good. Every corner, turned left then right. Went UP the stairs, but needs to go down. Oh my… WHERE COULD I BE NOW??!!!