Have you ever tried doing High School stuff when you are in fact in college already? Well, count me in ‘coz I am still quite not over yet with old school thingy. I am very much fond of doing unusual stuff (legal stuff) which I would consider as my “firsts”. I guess not all people know their actually that’s why I really would like to treasure them. These things unluckily are sometimes purchased in stalls, malls, shops etc. that why in order to be recalled assigned from looking at the actual things is the receipts upon purchased, right? Hence, as time pass by, I had been collecting them with some notes at the back of each so that I could still visualize the actual scene that had happened during the day of buying.

I collect receipts, tickets, unused tissue papers, etc. I had with me still some receipts when I bought a jewelry in a mall for my mother’s birthday. But, (take note) it’s a gift purchased using my savings and allowance. It was a first gift I gave to my mother using my own money. Also, I had still with me my first Cinema ticket, the first time to watch in a movie house. Aside from that, I also kept the ticket of my first trip outside Naga. I was so nervous that time ‘coz i was anxious that i might get lost any minute. There are other receipts i had when i bought something with my crush. He was helping me out that time in buying a book, and art materials. I still have with me the receipt i had during my first “date”. Even unused tissue papers are made notepad/scrapbook which reminds of of my first “lunch date” with my crush and bestfriend.

These are my collection. here are some of my receipts.





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