Nobody is perfect indeed. Yet despite that fact, i really could feel perfection especially to the one aspect of me which i never thought i could have up until now. i expected a lot of things  to happen but i guess this is not the right time for them. maybe i just wished a lot more, that i ended miserable.

pain. It’s what i feel right now. I have loved a lot of people. yes, A LOT. my family, my friends and some other people which i could not mention one by one could testify to that. Although, I have this one kind of love that i wish to have. this is a love which allows me to feel complete. Something that i can only feel if it’s given or expressed by a guy who respects me and treats me like the fairest Queen of the world. I loved several times. But this journal is the latest, just minutes ago. sad, yes. but, being apart with this special someone is the right thing to do for both of us. there are still a lot of issues which he needs to settle first. unfortunately, even he couldn’t resolve this problem, we ended up confined and locked in a difficult situation of sacrificing what we have to make everyone around us happy.

I thought this was it. Now that i am ready for these kinds of things, what i want will not be possible in the end. I  know it hurts, but  i wich i could make this pain go away easily.


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