Classical music has been part of my system since elementary grade and up to now it is still my favorite genre. Whenever I hear  an orchestra playing Chopin, Mozart, Paganini, Beethoven, and such, it’s nostalgic and full of various emotions making me forget a lot of unnecessary things or worries. It is my stress reliever and my inspiration. I feel in love, horrified, bubbly, sad, enlightened, joyful, victorious, loved and what have you.

The latest classical music i am very much into is the August Rhapsody from the movie “August Rush”. It’s so awesome that the listener could identify a lot of emotions and imagery as every notes dances in every meter of the music. It is overflowing as if it is calling out anyone’s name and invites its hearer to listen while the musicians plucks the strings, presses the keys of the piano, blows and covers the holes of the flute or trumpet, and strums the strings of the harp. At the first seconds you’ll hear the nature ( environment itself) ‘coz music is actually everywhere. Then, as the rhythm changes and gets louder and faster, its signifying  journey. As the music gets softer, the journey ends with a satisfying conclusion. A very good one.


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