I found myself walking…

           walking, and running, and then walking again , and panting.

I didn’t know what I was doing, or where am I going any way??

I was trapped, yes… TRAPPED or maybe lost on a forest or jungle with various beast on the loose, only that I couldn’t find one but empty rooms along the corridors all having various scent of suffocating drugs that I could not recognize.

If Dora was there, i would have figure my way out!!! luckily, there were road signs hanging in each corner which says, ” EMERGENCY ROOM”, “X-RAY LABORATORY”, OPERATING ROOM”, AND ALL SORTS OF STUFF. I’m certainly lost…

on a DARK,


 corridor with

irritating and unbearable noise of  TOTAL SILENCE.

There I was…


my very little courage.

It was passed twelve early morning when a nurse came in to tell us that my mother needs a room transfer. I was there alone to look after my sick mother who was suspected suffering from a dengue and pneumonia. He instructed me to come by the Admitting room to check for room vacancies.


It was an office on the main building. Ground Floor. I was on the third floor, but Annex Building. I am not very much familiar with Mother Seton Hospital.

I need Dora or perhaps MAP.

But… I went on.

Still no good. Every corner, turned left then right. Went UP the stairs, but needs to go down. Oh my… WHERE COULD I BE NOW??!!!


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