Response to Globalization of Superficiality

Being one of the Jesuit universities around the World, The Ateneo de Naga University recognizes Fr. Nicholas call for us to participate in creating change in the society despite the adverse effect of globalization of superficiality. The goal of a Jesuit institution is to respond to the call of those seek help and to be of service to other people, “to be men and women with and for others”.

Globalization of superficially in the midst of technological advancement, primarily affects our social relations with other people. It questions us how do we interact with people and connect with them. In the given example in the conference, indeed, being friends with someone in social networking sites requires less effort and sincerity that’s why “unfriending” one is also just a click away. In this example, we are in the period where everything is just a click away; hence we lose the sense of giving efforts in what we do. We forget to undergo communication, interaction and dialogue with the people around us. We miss experiencing things our parents and our grandparents has sacrificed upon during their time.

That is why, being an education student of a Jesuit education, we have been trained how to teach the Ateneo way. We are asked how we create change if we ourselves are not changed. What will our students become as a result of this? Jesuit education readies us, its students based on its profile of the graduate to be equipped with the needed skills not only on our field of specialization but on the society’s needs.  Future Jesuit-trained teachers let its future students experience reality inside the classroom. Using the different principles and methods of teaching, we allow them to see the world (the whole picture of it) regardless a perfect or the broken world it is. By opening their doors to the reality, we are allowing them to be not only aware of what’s happening in their society but we are allowing them to take their hands off their pens to open them to hold other people’s hands who seek help. This is where God comes in.

In order for these things to be realized, a teacher must become an effective, responsible instrument of progress. Through their classrooms and students they can create change by touching their lives in the happenings in the society. It is through these students that we will make future good servant leaders who will lead us to progress. We should also effectively recognize universality. We should see that we are all equal, all Human Beings, although we are unique and different in many aspect of our lives. With the idea of humanity, we should see that no one should be left behind, all should be respected; and these ideas must be given to our students to create change within themselves first then it shall transform to a bigger scope to the society later on.


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